Kunshan University - Taïwan 2023

24 hours multimedia workshop with 10-15 design students  from the Visual Communication and Design department.

 This Workshop focus on creative artworks using augmented reality tools. It allows students to:

  • Explore the new writing potentialities offer by AR technology, understand its technical limit.
  • Create a thoughtful relationship between a design practice (painting, traditional print or sculpture/object...) and a digital layer (video/3d/sound...).
  • Design a distribuable AR experience visible by any average smartphone on the market.
  • Learn the ZapWorks Studio editor tool for designing any kind of AR projects.


  • Create an AR experience for a communication work (ex: an augmented name card, augmented portfolio book, augmented poster, augmented object or pure art experimentation).
  • The experience needs to be triggered by a Zapcode through an App and by a QRCode without an app.
  • The experience should be easily readable with an average mobile phone (Please care about mobile's hardware display limitation and the mobile internet speed).



day 02/05 04/05 09/05 11/05
Class exercices

- Introduction

- Display contents

- Tracking types

- Organisation in space

- Hierarchy and Group

- Actions

- States and animation

- Masking

Movie and sound


- Scripting

- Publishing

day 16/05 18/05 20/05 23/05
Personal Project Personal Project Personal Project Personal Project Personal Project

Class exercises :

 - Exercises 02/05 - Introduction to tracking (sources files)


Tutorial for review:

1 / Software Interface, Navigating the UI

2 / Create a Target Image for Image Tracking

3 / Create a Ground placement for World Tracking

4 / Use of 3d Models




Exercises - 04/05 - Organisation in space  (sources files)

Final exercise as Zapworks Studio Project: [Exercise] Book Silhouette.zip


Tutorial for review:

1 / Screen Coordinate system for UI

2 / Action Button for simple interactivity




- Exercises - 09/05 - Controller and states for animation  (sources files)

Final exercise as Zapworks Studio Project:   [Exercice] 3d book portfolio.zip


Tutorial for review:

1/ Controllers and states for animation






Exercises - 11/05 - Mask and interactivity  (sources files)

Final exercise as Zapworks Studio Project:   [Exercice] hole in the box mask.zip


Tutorial for review:

1/ Masking objects to create a "hole effect"





- Exercises - 16/05 - Timeline animation and publishing (sources files)

Example  "bouncing ball" and timeline: Timeline animation.zip


Final exercise as Zapworks Studio Project:  [Exercise] Phoenix flying bird with mask.zip



Tutorial for review:

1/ Previewing and publishing

2/ Masking objects to create a "hole effect"

1/ Adding a script

2/ Control states with a script



"Subsymbols" : teacher's useful objects, you can add in your projects:

- Media player : can read video as .mp4, use alpha channel, play sound control by "states".

- Particlescreate a falling particle

Motion Player:  a frame by frame animation player ("stopmotion") using .png or .jpeg files

- ...

Examples to try with smartphone

AR Example made with ZapWorks for branding:

Creative AR video Example in art

Onlybots - artificial intelligent pets in AR (tamagotchi)

French creative studio

Zapworks Studio : The AR / VR creative tool by Zapworks

Zapworks Studio  helps you to design a full AR experience, mixing images, video animation, animated 3d models and sound. Publish your AR using Zappar App on iOS and Android or in the web.


To start the workshop:

1 - Create a personal “Hobby Account” clicking here, verify your email.

- Select "Hobby"

- check the box “I am using ZapWorks for non commercial use” 

2 - Download Zapworks Studio for Windows or MacOS


3 - Install it, start it, Login, Your are OK!

Technical  limitations aspect to bear in mind for mobile devices compatibility:


- Final project upload should be kept < 15 mo

- Images: .jpg or .png, Maximum 2048*2048 pixels

- Video: .ogv or .mp4, (H264 codec), Maximum 1280*720 pixels. Can be streaming file for long video (> 10mo) or embedded for short video.

- Sound: .ogg or .mp4, (AAC codec), 128kbps, 44100hz -> check supported formats

- 3d models:  .fbx .glb, .obj + .mtl file, .pod .dae max 20 mo / model or max 100k polygon. -> check supported formats


Software on the creative side

- Zapworks Studio Editor application:

Zapworks Studio OSX

Zapworks Studio Windows


- Blender, Maya, Max, c4d...

- Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, After Effects...

- Audacity (free software for sound editing)


App on the viewer side (optional)

- Mobile AR software viewer:

Zappar for iOS

Zappar for Android


Free Online Ressources and links


3d models:





https://www.pngwing.com/  free transparent png files

https://www.freepik.com/   free vector and .psd files



https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/     Download and convert many video online from youtube etc

https://video.online-convert.com/    Convert all files online

https://sites.google.com/site/gdocs2direct/  Convert a video link in google drive for zapworks



https://freesound.org/     Download many free sounds





3d model:

Zapworks Basic 3d model    Very light 3d models for starting with Zapworks

https://sketchfab.com/     3d models online ressource (incorporated into Zapworks studio)

https://labs.sketchfab.com/sculptfab/      App to sketch 3d sculpture online

https://www.mixamo.com/   Lots of character animation free to download


Question / Inquiry

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