South East University - China - 2014

Interactive handscroll - Department of Animation

Three months class as invited teacher for the department of animation. Final project : realisation of an interactive animated hand-scroll using multiple screens.

Exhibition Concept : Interactive handscroll

Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival
Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival

Case study: Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival


The format of a handscroll allows for the depiction of a continuous narrative or journey: the viewing of a handscroll is a progression through time and space. The experience of seeing a scroll for the first time is like a revelation. As one unrolls the scroll, one has no idea what is coming next: each section presents a new surprise.

The idea of the exhibition is to create 5 little interactive animations displayed on 3 different screens. Each team selected a chinese story and illustrates it through 3 linked screens (3 computers in network).


The team realisations should include at least:

- looped Animated background

- Layer of Animated character

- Animated Foreground

- Text Layer


A pen tablet will be used to play and spread the animation into the 3 screens, like 3 little timelines.


Exhibition hardware


Very simple touch interaction:A Pen/Touch Tablet is split into 3 zones. Every zone activate animation in one of the screen.


MEANDRE  (toolbox for real time multimedia design, based on Pure Data)


-  windows系統出現影片或影像問題,先確認你的電腦已經安裝quicktime嘞。
- OSX上應用程式沒有啟動?安裝XQuartz


Adobe Premiere .mov Photo-jpeg Export
Adobe Premiere .mov Photo-jpeg Export

- 在命名文件和文件夹的时候请避免使用中文


- 在命名文件和文件夹的时候,请不要使用空格,你们可以使用« - » 或 « _ » 。(例子


- 你只能将你的文件存入在« Meandre_1.6 »文件夹里。


- 将所有的媒体文件(图片,视频,音频,3D模型等等)放在你们自己选定的文件夹里。比如«MEDIA »。





视频: 使用 文件,照片jpg或者动图jpeg格式,而不是.h264。

注意,请在选择影片pixel大小的时候,最好用1024x768 或者 1280x720 (而不是 1920x1080)


- 图片格式是 .Jpeg 或者 .png (图片最大 2048x2048)


- 声音格式是 .wav, 44100htz, 16bit


- 3D模型是 .obj

.obj 3d模型导入到Maya:


1/ go to 窗口 > 设置/首选项 > 插件管理器 (Window > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager)


2/ - Check « objJexport.mll » box 检查一下 « objJexport.mll »





1/ Download « craOBJSequences.mel » and copy it to your Maya script folder found in « mydocument », start Maya.


下载« craOBJSequences.mel »文件,然后将它复制到你Maya 脚本文件夹里(在« mydocument »里找到),开始start Maya.


2/ go to: 选择“窗口 > 常规编辑器 > 脚本编辑器”(Window > General Editors > Script Editor)

将打开“脚本编辑器”(Script Editor)窗口。



3/ In Script editor, type: « craOBJSequences ; » then « Play» button.

在脚本编辑器上输入 craOBJSequences ;,然后按 Play


4/ Select an animated model, then click « Export obj Sequence »...

选择一个动画的模型,然后按 Export obj Sequence